Sunday, March 25, 2007

Rachel's Evil Lost Challenge :D

First just let me say that this is one insane challenge! Thanks Rachel!! LOL
I found myself a little on the spastic side while playing. With so much going on at once that I kept missing deaths (and therefore picture opts!) and key moments during gameplay. I'll try and fill in what happened leading up to or follow some of the pictures where it looks like time jumped.

Here are our Lost victims... some seem rather happy with this island paradise...boy are they in for a rude awakening.

Well, having secured a couch, fridge and counter our crew settles in for their first night on the island.

Hmmmm...maybe I should have bought a bed instead..

Yep... definitely should have bought a bed, LOL

Cool... rain. Nothing like a tropical rain storm to liven up things.

I guess all the rain made Kate feel dirty... I guess I need to buy a shower....right after I get that bed.

Hurley knows how to beat this heat.... anyone have a razor!?!

After having everyone fish and Jack and Charlie get jobs we had enough money for a few more items. Charlie is proving pretty good at keeping things tidy.

The men cool down in the pool...anyone find that razor? Sayid...??

These summer storms are making some mad lightning.

Following the storm I notice that I'm down one person...Kate? Anyone seen Kate??

Locke and Sun waste no time securing food for the group by fishing... all the time!

Dang it Kate! Leave poor Charlie alone.

Ohhhh... she does not look happy ...but why is she green...what did she actually die from? I missed it following the lightning storm.

Careful Hurley... Kate's already dead...don't fall for that dying!

I told you to run Hurley.....two dead and week one isn't even over.

With all the scary ghosts and dying going on I figured some 'fun' items were needed.

KATE! Quit that!

...sigh..... not again.

And now Hurley is getting in on the act... he made Sawyer cry...and pee his pants. Is Hurley going bald???

More lightning storms...

Somehow I missed poor Sawyer ...he was showering thanks to Hurley and his pranks. All of Sawyers stats are in the red...quick get some food Sawyer.

Oh for crying out get the food and don't eat it quick enough???

That a boy Jack...Sawyer is too young...and hawt to die!

Damn you're good Jack. Sawyer is back in the game. Sawyer just leave the dishes ..Sun or someone will get them, just eat something.

Yeah yeah, Jack's great... eat Sawyer... EAT now!

Damn it...I told you to leave the dishes. And now Jack is playing with Locke...someone come quick...

Wheww... Sun ...beg baby beg.

Oh this so doesn't look good.

Yep there he is ghost number 3 ...those wolves seem to enjoy the ghosts and Locke's company.

It'll take more than that to spook Locke. However it was Locke who wound up being taken by the Others... (yeah I forgot pics of him leaving) Fast forward to Monday and he was the only one to be 'returned' too. So ...

Locke came back feeling pretty good and pretty green ;) He wasted no time getting down to buisness and putting the camp in order.

Kate still up to her old tricks... Locke again with the wolves.

Hurley still having a hard time accepting his own death... Hey wait a minute...4 headstones?? Who's missing... NOoooo... Sayid?? When the heck did he die???

Jack and Locke try to keep food on the table... Sun finally got a job in education. There is the weird wolf again.

Locke over did things... and of course everyone is at work...hopefully someone gets home in time to cool him down.

...or at least in time to save him from the Grim Reaper... Work those beggin' skills Jack. No picture but he did save Locke. Thank goodness.

Jack and Sun are off to work... Locke and Charlie are left to work the camp. Which is looking spiffy at this point with living and sleeping areas .

Anyone know an excorsist??

It's time for another poor soul to be secreted away. Bye Charlie.

Jack is sick with the flu.. working with all those sick people will do it everytime.

Jack tries to keep busy around camp, he should be taking things easy.

Time to 'rescue' one of the 'taken'... Jack has the highest aspiration so Charlie is the guy.

Charlie tries to figure out what Locke finds so interesting about these wolves. However no sooner did Charlie come back he was gone again. The days sort of blurr together into a whirlewind of fishing, cooking and sleeping. Sun lost her job and no one seems to be in the mood to do much of anything.

Uhh...shouldn't you guys be fishing?

Locke: Nah...there must be three dozen fish in that fridge.

Sun is leaving nothing to chance... you can never have too many fish in the fridge.

Yikes... Locke's little puppy friend doesn't look too happy about being ignored.

Doh... Jack lost his job... who told you to drive on the dang sidewalk Jack???

What? Sun is out??? But ...but Jack just lost his job, how can Sun have lower aspiration than Jack... ahhh must have been those 'saved from death' interactions. Bye Sun.

Locke was too bummed about Sun leaving ...good thing he has is furry friends to keep his spirits up. Though it's getting a bit creepy how they come around every night.

Well it's just Jack and Locke now....and despite all the fish I know are in fridge when they go to make a meal said fish don't seem to be in the fridge anymore. I'm not sure if it was a glitch or if I got too frenzied to noticed they were all used up? I also noticed that no matter what I did I only had the option of cooking the bass or catfish..never the trout...maybe they were all trout left in the fridge???

Well this left Jack and Locke literally starving to DEATH. Lock had planted a lemon tree and it came to fruit just hours before the 6am Monday deadline so both had some juice. Time for someone to be taken by the Others... it was close though... as you'll see. :)

Locke ...nearly DEAD... Aspiration 20,500

Jack... nearly DEAD.... Aspiration 25,250

Jack: I WIN!!! Bye Locke...

Obviously I will have to do this one again... probably more than just once again too. This was a frantic fun challenge Rachel... Thanks again!